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[T1] Molding Magic

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Description: Molding magic allows the caster to mold their mana into tangible forms resulting in the creation of objects from their respective element. This magic requires that the caster use their hands in order to be able to utilize the magic, instead of simple incantations or the like. Molding magic allows the creation of elemental weapons and other such constructs to aid them in battle – either for offense, defense, or supplementary purposes.

Strengths: This magic allows its caster to create various constructs without having to pay a sustained mana cost for them.

Limitations: Anything created by this magic requires to be in contact with the caster’s hands in order to manifest – the caster cannot create them away from themselves.

In order to use this magic, a mage must first choose an element. Be aware that any elemental advantages or disadvantages will be added along with Molding Magic’s own.

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