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PvP and Battlegrounds System

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1PvP and Battlegrounds System Empty PvP and Battlegrounds System on Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:27 pm


The PvP system allows players that are more inclined towards combat to rank and up and reap rewards without having to depend on missions or jobs, if they so prefer. Though it isn't possible to get jewel directly this way, you gain PvP points which can then be used in the Battlegrounds special shop as currency. The services and items in this shop cannot be acquired elsewhere.

10 points for killing or defeating a player two ranks lower than your own.

50 points for killing or defeating a player one rank lower than your own.

100 points for killing or defeating a player of rank equal to your own.

250 points for killing or defeating a player one rank higher than your own.

400 points for killing or defeating a player two ranks higher than your own.

The PvP points gained for open world PvP and Battlegrounds are the same.

Exp can be gained by killing or defeating another player character, though the amount you'd receive would depend on their rank and not yours. This exp is equivalent to a regular mission of the same rank as the character you defeated. If the other character is more than two ranks below your own, you receive no exp rewards. It should go without saying that a staff member would need to approve of your topic before you can claim the reward.

If it was a team effort, the rewards are split equally between the members. If two or more players that aren't aligned attacked and defeated the same target, the rewards go to the person who dealt the most damage.

Please keep in mind that you cannot attack players that chose not to participate in any of the PvP aspects of the site, indicated by the icon stating 'Peaceful' beneath their avatars. It should be noted that Peaceful players cannot receive any benefits from this system, of course.


The battlegrounds - in other words an arena - is a place created just for mages to duel each other and compete for fame, glory, and all the prizes that come with it. Not to the death, mind you. Leave that to the Romans.

Participants will need to register before they can compete, and will be rewarded exp and jewels upon completion. During events, there will be special items or magic as an extra prize for winning. In addition to this, players can sponsor matches as well - if they have enough jewels to begin with. They can also offer a special item instead, to the victor. Naturally, this must be discussed with staff beforehand.

You can only be in one battlegrounds topic at a time. Leaving it prematurely means you forfeit the match.

Winning a match grants you the exp and jewel equivalent to a mission of your opponent's rank. Losing grants you a quarter of the exp and jewel rewards equivalent to a mission of your opponent's rank. As a rule, you cannot fight anyone who is more than a rank below or above you.

You will get 24 hours to reply to a combat topic, be it open world PvP or a Battleground topic. The 24 hours starts ticking after your opponent's most recent post.

You do not get any rewards for scripted events.  Meaning, a death scene that was decided OOC, or anything of the like.

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