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Dungeon Rules

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1Dungeon Rules Empty Dungeon Rules on Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:29 pm


Dungeons can be an interesting way to gain exp and jewels, for those who like a challenge - though it follows a different set of rules than missions. Unlike missions, these dungeons aren't meant to be soloed. They would require actual teamwork on your part as the bosses and monsters are much stronger than usual, and will be played by a staff member. It is entirely possible for character deaths to happen in a dungeon if you slip up. Each dungeon is different and has a specific task or set of tasks assigned, as well as rewards and conditions.

There are no word count requirements. Instead, you must complete the task given to you. Players can attempt a dungeon that is one rank higher than their own and anything equal or below. Each dungeon can be attempted once a month, per character.

While all this sounds risky, the rewards far outweigh those gained by regular missions. In addition to jewel rewards and exp, you can get rare items.

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