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Mission Rules

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  • Completing missions are one of the easiest ways to earn exp and jewels, as well as get rare items from special jobs that sometimes pop up. Keep in mind that each mission can only be completed once per character.

  • Each player can have one mission topic at a time and must finish it, or drop it before they can take another task. Either way, it must be approved by staff before they can take another one.

  • A mage can take missions that are marked equal or lower than their own rank, or one rank higher than they are. To go on a mission that is two ranks higher (or more) would require you to get the help of another player who is of high enough rank to help you complete the mission.

    For example, Lucy is C rank. She can easily take on missions marked either D or C and perhaps attempt a B ranked mission if she is careful enough. But if she felt like taking an S ranked mission, she would have to ask Erza - who is S ranked - for help.

  • SS ranked missions can only be taken by mages S ranked and above, as they are event only.

  • To take a mission, simply post that you would like to do so on the topic where your preferred mission is posted up. Someone on staff will reply to it, stating that you are cleared to go ahead. You can then create a topic in the IC area stated on the mission page and follow out the requirements. Once you have done so, link back to the mission page with your topic and a staff member will reward you the jewels.

    To get your exp, you can post in the exp claim area with a link to your mission topic once a member of staff has given their approval.

  • Missions give out exp and jewel rewards as follows:

    D rank - 200 exp,  1500 jewels
    C rank - 400 exp,  3000 jewels
    B rank - 600 exp,  6500 jewels
    A rank - 800 exp, 9500 jewels
    S rank - 1500 exp, 15000 jewels

    All missions except for S rank depend on how many you can complete. But for S rank, you can only take one per week.

  • Word count requirements for missions are as follows:

    D rank - 800 words
    C rank - 1500 words
    B rank - 2500 words
    A rank - 4000 words
    S rank - 8000 words

  • While missions might seem a bit much to tackle on by yourself, there is a way to make it easier and far more profitable. Creating a team and completing missions with your teammates will split the word count requirement between the participants, and each teammate that participated will get double the exp and jewel reward of what they would have gotten on a solo run.

    To create a team requires three members at least, and you must make a topic IC where the team is formed. As your story goes on, you will possibly make new friends and can ask them to join your team. Keep in mind though, one person cannot be on two teams at once. Once created, a staff member would need to approve your team - and each time a new member is added to it, or if someone leaves.

    Members of Legal guilds and Rune Knights cannot create teams with those who belong to Dark guilds, but are free to team up with any other players. Unless they have a very good IC reason - that will be heavily scrutinized by staff - and are prepared to deal with any consequences that might arise. Guildless and Independent mages are free to team up with whomever they wish, on the other hand.

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