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Roleplay Rules

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  • Please get your character approved before you begin roleplaying. You are not allowed to post in the IC section, participate in ongoing events, or request missions without an approved character. You can, however, post in the OOC section while you wait.

  • When you first create your character, you can choose between two modes. Peaceful or Perilous.

    The difference between these two modes is that a player who has chosen Peaceful cannot attack another player or be attacked by one. They cannot be maimed or killed IC while in this mode. Do note that a Peaceful player attacking someone causes them to lose this protection and automatically switch into Perilous mode.

    Switching modes at any time will cause your character to rank down twice, and have a waiting period of two months real time before they can rank up again, regardless of whether they re-accumulate the exp in that time. Their jewels will be frozen as well until the two months are over.

    Players that have chosen Perilous can of course attack others with the same mode and even kill or maim them, depending on how it plays out IC. They can also be killed during site events and plots if they happen to slip up.

  • While it is indeed possible for your character to be killed IC if you have chosen Perilous, fear not. All of your hard work won't disappear completely. You can create a new character that is two ranks lower than your previous one, and keep all of the jewels they had at the time of death. Depending on the magic you had, you might get one that is reasonably equal to it if possible. Of course, this only applies if it was a valid death - not scripted or simply because you got bored of your character.

  • As this site is of high casual to high standards, please use proper grammar. Refrain from using acronyms or ‘chat speak’ while posting IC. The minimum word count required for a post is 200 words – unless it is a combat topic or a dungeon.

  • Please do not create any canon characters from the Fairy Tail manga or anime. They do not exist on our site so please do not involve them in your roleplaying at all.

  • All topics are considered open and kill viable, and can be joined by anyone in that area. However, please adhere to common roleplay etiquette and refrain from jumping in unless you have IC reasons to do so.

  • You can only post in the area your character is currently in. If you’d like to post somewhere else, you would have to travel.

    It takes 500 words and 12 hours real time to travel between the five major areas IC - Northern Fiore, Eastern Fiore, Western Fiore, Southern Fiore, and Central Fiore . While in an area, however, you are free to post in the towns situated there without having to travel.

    The outlying islands cannot be reached except on boat, for which you'd first have to travel to a town with a harbor - Hargeon - before gaining access. It takes 500 words and 6 hours to travel to any of the islands. Travel between the islands cost the same.

    To make your journey quicker, you can buy yourself a train ticket. Tickets cost 1500 jewels and lessen your travel time to just 4 hours real time. You'd still need to post a travel topic consisting of 200 words though. To buy a ticket just post in your bank stating you'd like to do so and someone on staff will approve the purchase. Of course, it goes without saying that you cannot travel to the islands this way.

    The quickest and easiest method is by waypoint portal, an instantaneous form of teleportation that requires no word count or waiting in real time. These portals are located in each major area and Akane Resort - except for the rest of the islands. To access this method requires you to pay 10,000 jewels per trip. Once again, post in your bank that you would like to pay for a waypoint trip and a staff member will get to it.

  • Each character is allowed a maximum number of four topic slots, inclusive of missions and training. Do not exceed this limit. If you want to start a new topic and all of your slots are full, you would have to quit one of your ongoing ones to free up a slot.

  • You may have one training topic and one mission topic at a time, respectively. If you want to create a new training topic, you would have to exit your current one first.

  • Under no circumstances will you be allowed to god mod or metagame, auto-hit and vague manipulate. Those who break this rule will get their warning bar docked.

  • While in a solo topic, please allow at least one hour real time between your posts.

  • Any use of word generators or plagiarism will result in a loss of all your jewels or exp as well as a warning bar dock.

  • Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning the first time. Repeated offenses will get your warning bar docked and may result in the reduction of your jewels/exp depending on the severity.

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Ranking Up

As your character continues their journey, they will face challenges and gain more experience by overcoming them, growing in power as they do so. Their magic will develop in new and incredible ways as a result.

There are multiple ways to gain experience on this site.

The easiest way is social RP. Posting in IC topics will grant you some amount of experience per post - though compared to other methods it is relatively a small amount.


  • Completing missions will grant you a decent amount of experience along with a jewel reward, depending on the rank of the mission completed. Completing these with your team will grant double exp and jewels.

PvP and Battlegrounds

  • Dueling other players grants you a decent amount of experience depending on your opponent. This can be a more interesting alternative to grinding through missions if you are so inclined. Be aware though, that a certain set of rules apply to PvP.


  • Possibly the most dangerous method to gain experience. Dungeons require you to fight through hordes of monsters and bosses, all of which are stronger and smarter than those you would face on missions. It can be argued that the rewards outweigh the risks as these do grant a very large amount of jewel and exp.

The amount of experience required for each rank.

C rank - 1000 exp
B rank - 3500 exp
A rank - 5000 exp
S rank - 10000 exp
SS rank - 50000 exp

Please be aware that attaining S rank and above requires you to pass an exam as well as having met the exp requirements. The exam will be proctored by your Guild Master or a staff member.

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