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[T2] Chain Magic

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[T2] Chain Magic Rw3Y237

Description: This Magic allows the user to shoot long chains from their hands, complete with grappling hooks at the ends. 

Strengths: This magic can be used in combat by launching the grappling hooks that attach to enemies, and after they have been caught, enemies can also be slammed into objects (such as trees, the ground, boulders, etc.).  This magic is also great for utility, allowing the user to create grappling hooks that can save them from deadly falls and other dangerous situations.  

Limitations: Chain Magic spells have no elemental affiliation, and despite the fact that Chain Magic spells must make contact with the opponent or surface, they don't deal damage upon contact. Damage that can be dealt with this magic only occurs through acts such as slamming the opponent into walls, boulders, and etc with force.

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