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[T2] Purple Flare

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[T2] Purple Flare WnvFaFE

Magic Type: Caster 

Description: This Caster Magic is a variation of Fire Magic that allows the caster to create a specific purple fire, one that cannot be extinguished by wind or water. This Magic can have the effects of a solid attack, rather than gas-like normal fire. The caster can conjure this type of fire through various parts of their body, such as their arms. This fire can be used in many ways such as binding, creating beams, or even creating bullets.

Strengths: The magic can have solid or gas properties, allowing for much more versatility than regular fire magic. Since does in fact differ from conventional fire magic, it does not have an elemental weakness to wind or water magic.

Limitations: Spells that are created as solids can be treated as solids, thus capable of being caught or even knocked away as such. Although it has no weakness to water or wind magic, the user is required to pay an additional half of the spell cost against those particular elements.

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